The combination of management
and behavioural science yields results

We speak your organisation's language and can pave the way to better communication. In us, you are getting a cooperative partner who actively listens and has a thorough knowledge of behavioural science. We combine this with expertise in management and good insight into the management's needs. We go deeper and dare to ask questions. This is what gets results.

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Communication for managing more efficiently than you thought possible

As a manager, what you say and do is of crucial importance to what your organisation can accomplish. Your method of communication simply must work. Otherwise, the organisation itself will not work! You are a key person who could use a qualified sounding board like Dimro.

Our vast experience in supporting managers who are developing their communication will benefit your organisation. Together with managers, we find patterns for communication that get results. We base our work on the real picture in the organisation. What kinds of structures and roles are in place? What more should be done in order for things to work better? Above all, communication is about the emotional backbone on which we base our approach. It's all about positive change.

During the coaching process, we start out from who you are and what communication challenges you face. The coach is your cooperative partner who listens to you and takes you seriously. We have seen the patterns before in other organisations and have served as support for other managers who have faced the same challenges that you face today.
Communication between people affects us all, and is man’s primary form of expression. During Dimro’s training sessions and talks, the audience gets an insight into the rules of communication.
Dimro has supported a countless number of organisations in need of development. Situations have included everything from mergers to changes to the competitive conditions on the market. Regardless of the factors that were behind the need for a change, the structured procedure that Dimro has brought to the table has allowed organisations to start moving in the right direction at a quicker pace.
Crises give rise to many emotions, and in order for an organisation to be able to continue to function well, certain measures must be taken. Crises normally cause much of the previous orderly nature and the structure of a company to fall apart. Furthermore, crises often result in a paralysing of the defensive structure.Clear and well-grounded communication is perhaps the most powerful tool an organisation can have in finding its way out of a crisis.