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About dimro

The organisation’s structure determines the result. This fact was clear to me when I founded Dimro in 2001, and becomes clearer and clearer for each year that passes.

I, Dick Iggström, founder and MD of Dimro, have worked with communication between individuals for 20 years. I can offer my many years of experience in mapping out how communications work in organisations. The playing field and rules of company politics is yet another area I deal with.´Clearer communication allows organisations to have better control over their development.

Furthermore, the cooperation between co-workers functions better when the communication is clear, not least with regard to the signals expressed by the managers in an organisation. For many years, I worked as a family therapist. It was a profession that allowed me to develop, but as I primarily focussed on organisational anthropology and organisational psychology during my studies, I have found that my current focus on organisation and leadership suits me even more.

My education and experience in decoding communication means that I can rather quickly analyse the factors that make the communication in an organisation succeed or fail. With a structured approach, Dimro can be the support you need to create a functioning environment. As someone who has crossed boundaries, I have the insight required to understand management's needs. Let me bring structure and security to your organisation.