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Coaching: a sounding board that challenges you – to achieve great success

During the coaching process, we start out from who you are and what communication challenges you face. The coach is your cooperative partner who listens to you and takes you seriously. We have seen the patterns before in other organisations and have served as support for other managers who have faced the same challenges that you face today. If you are looking for a coach who simply goes with the flow, then Dimro is not right for you. Dimro is for those who feel that a coach is supposed to have the nerve to encourage you to improve and to confront you with whatever is not working in your communication. This coaching demands a lot from you in order to lead you and your organisation to accomplishing undreamed-of success.

Widen your comfort zone
Coaching will help you to improve your ability to communicate as a manager. It is an honest dialogue where you often find out things about yourself that nobody else would dare tell you, but are vital to your communication. It can be a strenuous journey to reaching the goal. Together with your coach, you gradually stretch your manner of communication until your comfort zone has been considerably expanded. Through coaching, you acquire the tools to communicate successfully in the necessary manner, even under emotionally-pressing circumstances. You really get what you need to be clearer as a manager.

Add several strings to your bow by using different communication styles
As an individual, you adopt the style of communication that you find the most comfortable. How you receive another individual depends greatly on his or her style of communicating – we are drawn more to people with the same communication style as our own. Even if this is natural, you do not need to let your most common style of communication limit your development or that of the organisation. Let us teach you how to use the tools for communicating well, with people that use a completely different style of communication than the one you use. We can teach you how to switch quickly between different communication styles, a skill for which you will have great use in many contexts, not least in negotiations, as your counterpart will not be able to put your behaviour into one category, and in that regard you will have an advantage.

Analytical ranking of scenarios
As a manager, it can be stressful to need to make a quick decision. If, like many managers, you lack a sounding board you consider an equal, you greatly risk not evaluating a sufficient number of possible scenarios and not taking into account important consequences in your analysis. Dimro offers support when it comes to choosing from various courses of action. Naturally, as the manager, it is you who makes the decision, but Dimro can assist you in expanding the analysis in order to make the various courses of action clear.

Insight and tools for handling power structures
If you are to exercise clear leadership, you have to take a stand in conflicts. You may also find yourself being attacked and criticised for your decisions. Certain conditions for leadership have their roots very far back in time and, regardless of what you think of these, there is a power struggle in which you are involved. The better prepared you are and the more you have practised dealing with it and protecting yourself in order to deal with it, the greater your chances are to handle it well and attain results beneficial to your organisation. We can make sure that you:
• Become aware of the unwritten rules and playing field of corporate politics.

• Get yourself some protection instead of being easten up.

• Know how to build the alliances you need.

• Succeed in establishing yourself.

• Take power.