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Training and public speaking

Communication between people affects us all, and is man’s primary form of expression. During Dimro’s training sessions and talks, the audience gets an insight into the rules of communication. This is about the foundations necessary for communication between people to work well. Dimro’s training sessions and talks are tailored to the audience, and the sorts of things we can discuss can include:

• Intonation. You learn how to listen in a completely new way. You do practical exercises on how you, in a serious manner, absorb your conversation partner's signals; words, body language and the intended message.
• Communicative styles.

• Negotiation techniques.

• Appropriate manners of confrontation.

• See the connection between the individual’s and the organisation’s goals.

• Power structures.

• The importance of asking questions in the right way.

• Communicating clearly as a manager.

• Methods for keeping your feelings from getting the better of you in difficult conversations.

• The art of being clear as a manager.

Target groups and scope:
Dimro has held talks for all sorts of audiences, from management groups in major corporations to parent associations. The talks generally run for 3 hours.

The training sessions normally total 6 to 8 full days, spread over a period of a few months. Dimro has held training sessions for management groups, HR staff and so on.