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Organisational development

Dimro has supported a countless number of organisations in need of development. Situations have included everything from mergers to changes to the competitive conditions on the market. Regardless of the factors that were behind the need for a change, the structured procedure that Dimro has brought to the table has allowed organisations to start moving in the right direction at a quicker pace. In every organisation, change and development give rise both to concern and creativity. During the process of change, Dimro is your experienced and secure partner, who will show you the way to striking a balance in your organisation. We make sure that the key persons, such as the management group, HR staff and middle management, get the support and tools they need.

By and large, Dimro’s organisational development runs along the lines of the following three steps:

1 Mapping out the situation through questionnaires or in-depth interviews. How does the situation look? Who is in charge – formally and informally? How does internal communication work?

2 The direction is formulated. What issues does the organisation have? What needs to be accomplished by certain points in time?

3 Anchoring process. Meeting places are created and the process of anchoring is carried out. A schedule and an action plan are drawn up.